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Alabama Precision Gunworks has just launched a new product designed to remove the annoying play found on most AR/MSR platform rifles and pistols.

Every AR I have ever owned has suffered from this issue. I was never a fan of the Accu-Wedge and thought of the rubber contraption more as a Band-Aid than a fix to the problem.

Once the tension set screw came about, it seemed to adjust the play by applying pressure to the rear TD pin. However, the play still exists due to tolerance differences between the upper and lower receivers.

The idea came to me while I was tramming the vice for my drill press.  I use small steel shims to true the vice to the spindle from the mounting surface with great results. Why couldn’t I try this with the upper and lower on my AR?

While few products exist to curb the problem, the shims proved to solve it.  So I designed the kits to provide everything needed to create a permanent fix for the average Joe. Buy here.

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Use discount code ARRX at checkout to get your APG Shim Kit for $17.76 + Free Shipping.