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By The Gun Psychiatrist

In part one of The Untold History of the NRA, you read various quotes from NRA leadership, expressing their distaste with a free and unobstructed Second Amendment. Many of the opinions quoted from NRA officers is enough to make a gun owners blood boil. I also quoted the NRA’s own admissions, that it has supported virtually every major gun bill passed at the federal level. Many have said, “well that was then, and this is now, the NRA has changed!”

If you missed part 1 of this article, you can read it here. In Part 2 of this article, I will address just some of the NRA’s actions supporting gun control, post 1968. Furthermore, I will discuss some of the critical gun and training industry functions it performs, and suggestions that could move the organization in a better direction. 

The Benedict Arnold of Gun Rights

The liberal-progressive fake news industrial complex (media) will have you believe that after the 1960’s, the NRA actually started to defend the Second Amendment. I submit that from 1970 to present the MSM has continued this lie, which only illustrates the continued gas-lighting and collusion by the NRA and MSM. Scrolling forward to 1990, the NRA made its mark again, this time, setting its reticle on the security of our children.

“We think it’s reasonable to support the Federal Gun Free School Zones Act…. We think it’s reasonable to expect full enforcement of federal firearms laws by the federal government…. That’s why we support Project Exile — the fierce prosecution of federal gun laws …. we think its reasonable because it works ….. we only support what works and our list is proud.”
~ NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre
Congressional Testimony, 106th Congress May 27th, 1999.

According to Wayne LaPierre, leaving school children defenseless on school grounds is a winning strategy. Remember, NRA President Karl Fredrick despised the practice of “toting guns…” so is the new “gun free zone” an effort to honor his legacy? Nonetheless, with the full support of the NRA and their “list,” congress passed the 1990 Gun Free School Zones Act (GFSZA). Let’s measure Wayne’s world and “what works” by analyzing two periods, 1700’s-1990 and 1990-present.

During the major school shooting epidemic (sarcasm emphasized) from the 1700’s to 1989, there was a shocking total of approximately 195 recorded gun violence incidents in schools. That equates to 0.67 incidents per year (IPY) in this 289 year period. Since 1990 to present, there have been approximately 300 (10.34 IPY) recorded gun violence incidents in schools.¹ That is over 15 times more incidents than in the latter 290 year period, because gun free zones are “what works.” According to the numbers, Wayne LaPierre and all responsible for this disaster are either ignorant or support the murder of defenseless children.

The NRA did have a momentary lapse in its nature when several Brady Handgun Bills hit legislators desks. In 1994 they helped several sheriffs sue the Clinton Administration. The lawsuit, first filed by Gram County, AZ Sheriff Richard Mack, and later joined by Ravalli County, MT Sheriff Jay Printz, was not related to a sexual assault claim against the Clinton Administration. However, it dealt with the Clinton’s assault on gun rights in one of several Brady Handgun Bills.

Though the NRA’s efforts in this lawsuit were noble, I don’t see this as any kind of reprisal for their history in supporting gun control. To call the NRA a staunch defender of the Second Amendment would be like calling Ted Bundy a staunch defender of women because he helped grandma cross the street.

Scrolling forward to 2004, the NRA launches an initiative to ban Armor Piercing Ammunition under the usual ruse of “officer safety.”² In February 2004, then NRA Director Senator Larry Craig (R-ID), filed an ammunition ban amendment (SA 2625) in an effort to “strengthen current armor piercing ammunition laws,” which the NRA also blessed over a decade prior.³ Sen. Craig was quoted, “This is what the law enforcement community needs.” Gun control in the name of “Officer Safety” is the biggest load of horse manure that has ever spewed from any NRA hoaxmans mouth. It is simply justification for tyranny.

“We don’t want to wipe out the hunting and sporting ammunition”
 ~ Senator Larry Craig R-ID

Then what is the goal? Each little right you take from gun owners, sets a precedent for someone else to take more. You use the Nazi delusion of “sporting purpose” to define what keeping and bearing arms amounts to, all under the branding of an organization that insinuates it defends the 2A. On my planet, you don’t write gun control, you fight it like we did in Colorado during the 2013 legislative session.

In 2013 the Communist Party of Denver (CPD) was going for broke to pass several new unconstitutional gun control laws. While Dudley “Do-Right” Brown (RMGO) and NRA did nothing, even the Sheriffs, after taking loads of cash from gun owners, went to court and folded…. Just gave up. I led a fight at the county level to interpose the tyranny and was successful. I authored the Weld County Firearms Protection Codeª, which defended gun rights at the county level, yet had ZERO help from the Sheriffs, RMGO, or NRA. Another organization was successful in recalling 3 communists from office later that year.

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That was NRA board member Joaquin Jackson, another NRA hoaxman, advocating for even harsher magazine capacity’s than some of today’s most anti-gun democrats. In his pea for a brain, six shot revolvers would become illegal as he pushes for a 5 round or less magazine capacities and one round for hunters, all under the ruse of “law enforcement safety”. Do you see a pattern here? Good guys with guns are no threat to law enforcement and these pernicious ideas, injected into the American psyche, incrementally advance the destruction of the Second Amendment.

Later in 2013, the ATF reclassified 5.45X39mm (AK-74) ammunition as armor piercing, resulting in a ban, thanks to the NRA blessing ammo bans in years past. In 2014, gun owners were faced with another proposed ban on M856 (5.56X45mm) green tip ammunition. I graphically remember this due to covering it on my nationally syndicated radio show.

I remember reading in many places that Wayne LaPierre had been paying his dues under some bureaucrats desk at the ATF, encouraging this ban. I also discussed this in depth with Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America, who were one of only a few gun organizations standing against this ammo ban attempt.

The NRA is good at one thing, covering its tracks.The 404 errors were non-stop in an attempt to gather research for this article. Even more interesting, the media claims that it was solely the NRA who protected us from the ban and got it thrown out. Until I can find the definitive evidence I once had, this is only speculation. Considering the NRA’s history, and the fact that they wrote the AP ban law in 1986, my statements lend credence to my recollection.

In 2017, after the Las Vegas shooting, the NRA led the nation wide witch hunt to eliminate “Bump Stocks” from the gun market. Former NRA President and Cat Lady Marion Hammer, sent an abrasive email to members about the stocks. Titled, “Misinformation and Distortion Anger Me” she states, “The bump stock device used by the killer in the Las Vegas shooting converts a semi-auto rifle to a full-auto rifle.” This is a complete lie, next to where she states that the NRA had no involvement in the passage of the NFA of 34. It’s like the entire email is her telling the membership that she is misinformed, distorted and angry. Read the full email here.

One should note that a fully-automatic AR-15 rifle has additional machining on the left inner corner of the receiver, rearward of the safety, and a third hole is drilled above the safety to support a full auto sear. Additionally, trigger pack components are somewhat different when compared to their semi-auto counterparts. A bump stock simply slides onto the buffer tube assembly, nothing is ever modified to the receiver or firing mechanism of the rifle. The gun still relies on a semi-auto function to fire.

The Calls for Change

Each time the headlines break highlighting a new scandal at the NRA, many call for reform. Knowing the history of the organization, I wonder how could anyone repair the damage. The Second Amendment in 2019 is so watered down and what started as 27 words, is now riddled with thousands of laws and government gotchas. Some will say they win critical lawsuits, but suing a government who tries to further laws you blessed the passage of is not winning.

In an excerpt from the NRA’s web site they say, “be wary of anyone who says, the Second Amendment is important, but…” In the Bible, Matthew 7 says, “You will know them by their fruits.” Using a biblical lens, is the NRA telling gun owners to be wary of the NRA? Can they explain their long track record that presents a clear and present danger to the Constitution?

To be wary is an understatement, the Bill of Rights in a way tells government, “thou shall not… thou shall not,” yet that’s all the NRA has done to gun owners since 1871. Even with the “education” they provide, the NRA to this day, pushes the Nazi propaganda of “sporting purpose” found in Hitlers 1938 Weapons Law.

Let’s discuss the Ackerman-McQueen bought and paid for stooge, Former NRA President Oliver North. Almost 3 decades ago, Lt. Col. North was one of the key figures who helped draw up the controversial REX84 plan or Readiness Exercise 84. REX84 was a plan that would suspend the Constitution in the event of a national crisis, like national rebellion or a nuclear war, and insure contingency of government or COG.

Must I remind the reader that one of the larger controversies behind this unconstitutional plan was illegal gun confiscation and the fact that, by law, Americans have a constitutional right to rebel or alter and abolish their government. Additionally, this anti-gun pimp illegally sold firearms to the Iran thugs and oversaw the CIA drug running base in Mena, AR.

On January 26, 1994 Oliver North appeared on Larry King’s radio program. After announcing his life membership in the NRA, he goes on to state his strong support for the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban stating that anyone who wants to posses such a weapon should join the Marine Corps. What is it with NRA presidents and their hatred for gun rights? Thankfully Oliver North has resigned as president and hopefully Wayne will follow in his footsteps.

Though this seems to be a step in the right direction, gun owners are still saddled with the burden of the National Firearms Act, Federal Firearms Act, Gun Control Act, and the smorgasbord of state and federal gun control passed at the behest of the NRA. To change the organization would require it focus 110% of its efforts on the reversal of some or all of these schemes.

The problem we are faced with is a misinformed majority and many believe that the damage the NRA has done is somehow a good thing, like background checks, carry permits, etc. Until the entire gun community refuses to tolerate sacrificing the 2A to the god of bipartisanism, everyone and their mother will continue to violate it until abolished. I forewarn the reader, that in my 10 year activism experience, most republicans are very sneaky when it comes to gun control; they pass more than you think, quietly, but incrementally. Democrats are at least honest with you about their intentions for all out disarmament.

If the NRA lived up to what it proclaims to be, I submit, the second amendment would be as rich and robust as when it was written. I talk to some folks in the pro gun community who say they believe in an unadulterated First Amendment. I find it comical when these same people tell me how they agree with banning accessories like slide-fires, lowering magazine capacities, proud of their government carry permit, happy to pay a tax for a suppressor, and thrilled to turn it in to Big Brother upon death. No coincidence that some are proud, card-carrying NRA members.

Furthermore, it is a moot point for one to claim that the founders never intended for the people to be as well armed as their government or the “musket argument”. The King of England thought Americans should not have guns, sending his general to Concord in an attempt to confiscate them. The founders enjoyed the same armament as the powers that be and intended for future generations to bear the same. Even before gun control there was weapons control, and it can be traced back to Ancient Egypt in sword control. Call it weapon, gun or whatever, but it is all about control, always has been, and always will be.

An Industry Impacted?

As bad as all this sounds the NRA has another side that actually makes the organization worth saving. The NRA needs to quit defending the 2A, panhandling, and filing lawsuits. They must focus ONLY on the following two things. The NRA offers insurance administered by Lockton Affinity LLC., is a more successful aspect of the NRA. I am not going to take the time to cite specific numbers and dollar amounts as I could really care less.

Nonetheless, they do a great job with offering insurance products to a large part of the gun industry and gun owners. Where most insurance companies will discriminate, refusing coverage, the NRA will stand the gap. This is a needed product for the industry as there are only a handful of companies that insure firearm businesses. This should be the NRA’s new focus next to gun SAFETY training.

Gun SAFETY training should be the only other aspect the NRA pursues for a profitable venture. Time to step aside and let “The Real McCoys” like Gun Owners of America, SAF, and others get Constitutional carry back in most states. No more concealed carry instructors, no more fighting constitutional carry legislation, no more panhandling gun owners, your done! It is time to create a free market opportunity for SAFETY instructors, training the growing number of new gun owners in the proper safety and manipulation of firearms.

In closing, due process will soon be a thing of the past as red flag laws are here. Last year, the NRA’s top lobbyist Chris “Benedict Arnold” Cox, called on congress to support funding for states to adopt red flag laws. At this point, I am afraid that any attempt to “fix” the NRA will end in failure. The story of David and Goliath might offer a better plan of action as Goliath was not reformed, nor did he negotiate or vote. I do wish the best to those who will stand and fight, happy hunger games and “may the odds be ever in your favor.”


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