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By The Gun Psychiatrist

Years ago, like most Mav 88 owners I bought a beat up Mossberg Maverick 88 for less than $100. At the time I had a refinishing business so this was an easy flip.

Once I got it home, the barrel immediately hit the lathe for shortening. Brownells promptly received payment for a recoiling pistol grip, receiver pic rail and trijicon front night sight.

Once the parts were in it was my same MO, fully disassemble, clean, sandblast, parkerize, cerakote and reassemble. It went smooth, until it was time to assemble the trigger pack.

So, being the gear head that I am, I figured “hell I’ll just try to find a parts schematic online.” This proved to be impossible. So then, I checked my phone only to find I had not taken pictures of the trigger prior to disassembly.

I called Mossberg and explain my little predicament I have found myself in. I tell the tech guy, “I just need the schematic so I can put it back together.” Ha! That was a big fat, “no”. So then I offer my gunsmith and business licenses to prove I am a legitimate outfit, still a big fat no.

But for the introductory low price of a few hundred bucks one of their underpaid and overworked experts would be happy to reassemble it for me and mail it back. No thanks, the repair was going to cost more than the gun did!

So now begins the challenge, how the hell do I get this thing back together. After hours of trial and error and enough cussing to make a sailor blush, I too became an underpaid and overworked expert of the maverick 88 trigger pack.

The other pro of this learning experience, is I became an expert of the Mossberg 500 series trigger pack because the Mav 88 and Moss 500 series triggers only difference is the 88 has a built-in safety whereas the 500 series only contains an actuator, which engages the safety. It is self-explanatory to any gun owner who does a full strip of their weapon.

Trust me, after this experience I could slap an 88 or 500 trigger together like a boss!

So recognizing the agonizing torture I went through, I wanted to help the rest of you not have as much of a headache. I shot a video that fully explains the entire process and gives a full in-depth reassembly of the Mossberg Maverick 88 and trigger pack.

Unfortunately, to this day Mossberg still refuses to publish a detailed parts schematic of the trigger.

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