We currently offer on-site borescoping services for businesses and consumers alike. We use the latest borescoping technology to provide our customers with high quality imaging of a firearm’s bore. Examining a firearm’s bore with a scope can provide a significant amount of information in diagnosing accuracy issues or determining a firearms value. 

When a cartridge is fired, carbon, high pressure gas and heat instantaneously form to expel the projectile from the bore. Heat, pressure and carbon are also how diamonds are formed in the earth. Coincidentally, this process deposits carbon and other abrasive compounds onto the surface of the bore. Failure to properly attend to these deposits can lead to reduced accuracy and eventually, costly replacement of your barrel.

Fouling is another issue that can develop into a problem. Commercial grade barrels do not undergo a polishing or “lapping” process to remove tooling marks, imperfections and micro-abrasive surfaces within the bore. Since copper is predominantly used as jacket material, copper fouling will prevail and ruin your barrels ability to group. Minute amounts of copper will fill imperfections in the bore, but excessive buildup will degrade accuracy.

Copper, when present in any amount, can cause corrosion if not removed. When dissimilar metals exist in a moist environment (excessive solvents or humidity), galvanic corrosion will occur. Carbon, specifically carbon fouling, will act as a desiccant absorbing moisture from the air which creates a recipe for disaster. You may be considering the purchase of a used firearm or attempting to diagnose accuracy issues for a customer. Regardless of the circumstance, a bore inspection can save you a lot of time, money and effort. 

Next to the experience needed to interpret various conditions that exist in a firearm’s bore, bore scopes come at a steep cost. With over a decade of experience gunsmithing, and expertise manufacturing barrels, we are excited to offer mobile borescoping services to the public and we travel to you! With an affordable hourly rate, we serve the following areas and if you are outside of our service area, please contact us. 

Hourly Rate: $30 HR (Includes Travel)


Borescope Scheduling

Borescope Scheduling

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